Miami Bible Fellowship’s goal is to reach people with the life changing message of the Gospel and to help people follow and obey Jesus.

We seek to meet our goal by acknowledging that the Church is not a place, but a collection of individuals who have made a decision to follow and obey Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to create Missional Communities, where church happens within communities and are built around neighbors.


We believe in One God who is revealed as the Father,  the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. One God, revealed by the Bible as three distinct eternal persons.

We believe that Jesus, came into our existence to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God, ending in His unjust trial, conviction, and sentencing to a torturous death.

We believe that Jesus was fully dead at the cross, He was put into a tomb and on the third day, He rose from the dead in the same body He died with, but never again able to die (and with some additional differences).

We believe that those who believe in Jesus will one day in the future, have a body like His (never-dying-again-body and with some differences).

We believe that God has filled us with His Holy Spirit, to fulfill His greatest job description ever created — to go into the world to tell people about Jesus; starting first, in our Family, then our Neighbors, then our cities, states, nation and the world.

We believe in the Full Bible, delivered by God through certain people over the centuries and collected and grammar checked by scholars, religious leaders and regular folk.

We believe that the Bible is a complete, divinely communicated message and is a finalized compilation of 66 books, originally written in ancient Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. Other books in life can be helpful and useful, but all those books have to align to the teaching of these 66 books.

We believe that all translations from these three ancient languages are attempts to understand and may not communicate the language as best as we might like. Thankfully, we can learn a little bit about those languages to help our understanding when things don’t seem to match up.

We believe the Holy Spirit is the final, authoritative teacher of Scripture and we use Bible Study tools to keep our inspiration from going beyond what the Holy Spirit has already inspired and recorded for us in the Bible.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is still active and gives gifts to His followers to better serve this world and prepare His followers for spreading His message to the World. He chooses the gifts He wants us to have and can change or add to your gifting as He much as He wants.

We believe it is our responsibility to care for our community through the mandate of loving our neighbor, it doesn’t matter what they believe about God or how they live their life, we are called to show love and care.

We believe that we need to also take care of our families, which are those who are our direct family through birth or adoption or close friends and those who by extension are family because they call upon Jesus as their Savior.

We believe that we should gather together as a community to use our gifts, talents — to sing songs to God, tell stories of His goodness in our lives, eat yummy food together, build up one another with Bible verses and teachings that drive us into a closer relationship with one another and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that denominational affiliations should help us to grow and not separate us, by our preconceived ideas of what a person or church believes in and acts upon. The Word of God decides who are our brothers and sisters of faith.